Beeswax Tealight Candles

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Beeswax Tealight Candle

Beeswax Beehive Candle 


  • 100% Ontario Canada pure beeswax


Product of Ontario

Our bee farm is located on a beautiful, isolated and untouched area in Southwestern Ontario with an abundance of 2 million wildflowers, forest tree blossoms and water from streams close to the bee hives. Her bees live on land that is free of pesticides as she cares deeply about their health and the health of the humans who consume and use their honey and wax. 


Directions for Lighting

1) Point the lighter/flame at the base of the wick (where the wax meets the wick).

2) Wait for the flame to melt the beeswax on top of the candle to the point it liquefies.

3) Remove the lighter/flame.


Beewax Care

Once wax is melted and the pool is 2.5″ in diameter fold in candle walls. Doing this will prevent tunnelling down the centre of the candle. Preventing tunnelling will provide a longer burn time.



Submerge the wick in the melted wax pool using a metal object such as the end of a bobby pin or large straightened paperclip.  If you blow out the candle, the wick dries and re-lighting is more difficult. 


Wick Care

When you re-light your candle, take a small bit off the tip of the natural-cotton wick with scissors. Keep the wick approximately 1/4″. If your candle is smoking and flickering during burning, or it if is not burning brightly, extinguish, trim slightly with scissors, and re-light.