Honey Lip Balm Single Tube

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Honey Lip Balm Single Tube

Single tube honey lip balm

An all natural lip balm. Enjoy the healing and protective qualities of this smooth lip balm with just the right flavour.


  • made with beeswax and honey from Julie's apiaries

  • coconut oil

  • shea butter

  • organic peppermint oil


For Resellers

Label includes a convenient display box for resellers such as health food stores, natural beauty supply stores and other markets carrying wholesome Canadian made products. 


Product of Ontario


Our bee farm is located on a beautiful, isolated and untouched area in Southwestern Ontario with an abundance of wildflowers. We take the utmost care when harvesting the honey to maintain the highest level of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Julie and the Bees honey has a pleasant aroma, distinct taste and light yellow or light amber colour.


Suggested Use

Apply to lips as needed to keep lips moist and prevent chapping.



Do not use honey products on infants under one year of age.