Our Story

Meet Julie and the Bees - Ontario Honey

Hi my name is Julie, let me introduce you to my bees!

Bees are majestic and magical creatures. Their ability to produce honey and all the work that goes into a single pound of honey is really unbelievable. The world's bees have such a great impact on our lives as we get much more than delicious honey from them. Bees are critical to the environment and to our food as they are responsible for pollinating our food supply. This topic is now making the headlines and people are beginning to take notice of the rapid decline in the bee population. Scientists from the U.S.A. to France and Spain and all the way to U.K. are trying to solve the mystery of what's causing the disappearance of the honey bee. I have my own thoughts as to why we are losing these precious creatures, much centred around what we are poisoning our crops and our food chain with - pesticides. 

That is why our bees live on land that is free of pesticides as I care deeply about their health and the health of the humans who consume their honey. 

Our bee farm is located on a beautiful, isolated and untouched area in Southwestern Ontario free of pesticides with an abundance of wildflowers, heritage fruit trees, forest tree blossoms and water from streams close to the bee hives. The flavours and many nutrients from the flowers our bees forage on to fill each jar can be savoured in every drop! 

We take the utmost care of our honey.

The utmost care is taken when harvesting the honey to maintain the highest level of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Our honey is stored before jarring in 304 food grade stainless steel extractor and holding tank from Italy to preserve the quality of our honey.

Enjoy our hand-packed bottles of nature's nectar and products made with our wax and honey. We hope you enjoy our honey products as much as we do!

Much love, Julie and the Bees