White Cloud Island

Located in Georgian Bay northeast of Wiarton, White Cloud Island is residence to cottagers, pilots and until recently, Julie's Buckfast bees.

The island is pure and untouched wild land, meaning it is clean of pesticides that would harm our bees. Wildflowers are bountiful, giving the bees plenty to forage on to keep the hives flourishing as well as produce delicious honey. White Cloud Island grows an abundance of wildflowers such as Lady Slipper, Sumac, Dandylion and wild strawberries to name a few. There are also basswood trees that yield the tasty and clear basswood honey.

In addition to being secluded from pesticides, White Cloud acts as an isolated mating yard. Bees do not fly over 3 miles of water, therefore drones of other colonies cannot fly over and mate with the queens, rendering our Buckfast line impure. Simply put, the bees will not be interfered with on the island.

The residents of White Cloud are very generous and welcoming to us and our hives, however, we do not want to abuse our welcome. Our dream is to secure a piece of land on the island for future apiaries. We wish to grow on this Island to provide healthier bees to our country and overall sustain a green environment.

30% of all Purchases go towards securing land for healthy bees on White Cloud Island

Thank you for all your support!